Meet the Team

Christopher Satulan

Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Christopher Satulan is the Chief Operating Officer of AMAU Online Education. He is responsible in ensuring that the operational control, administrative and reporting procedures as well as the people system will remain stable to effectlvely attain financial and operational strength.

Mary A. Soriano

Dean of Academic Unit

Mary A. Soriano is the Dean of the Academic Unit of AMAU Oed. She is responsible in handling the Online Professors. She ensures that all academic concerns are addressed by the Professors. The concerns of the students are, but not limited to the following: grade concerns, assessment re-attempt request, evaluation, crediting of courses, thesis adivsing, and thesis defense.

Leohernard Quitaleg

Content Unit Head

Leohernard A. Quitaleg is currently the Content Development Unit Head of AMAU Online Education. It is her duty to acquire qualified and competent Subject Matter Experts who will write and develop course content materials to be uploaded in the LMS.She also spearheads the Content Review Team, Moodle Developer Team, and the Graphic Arts team who are working hand in hand in reviewing, uploading, editing, and producing quality course content materials.

Oliver T. Vergara

Technical Director

Engr.Oliver Vergara is responsible for overseeing the technical aspects of AMAU Online Education's Learning Management System. He coordinates the development and implementation of upgrades to the existing system to the employees who directly work at the production of LMS. Leads the technical support representatives in maintaining and developing integrated technology system. He also manages the technical budgeting strategies as well as the collaboration of the company to external parties for the purpose of implementing and maintaining AMAU Online Education services.

Emily Alvarez

Assistant Sales Manager

Emily Alvarez is responsible in the marketing plans and design, execution of the approved plan of action, monitoring of sales, controlling marketing collateral's and closure of project under the Senior High School and Persons with Disability (PWD) account. She also coordinates with prospective partners that share the same objectives with AMAU Online for PWD students.

Geraldine Barredo

Executive Director

Geraldine Barredo is responsible in communicating with internal and external parties regarding AMAU Online Education's mission, vision, and core beliefs. She maintains the professional relationships with partners, government representatives and educational specialists. She also leads the curriculum and content development of CPD program and short courses.

Mark Christopher R. Blanco

Registrar Unit Head

Mark Christopher Blanco is responsible in maintaining the academic records of AMAU Online students. These records include, but not limited to, grades, transfer information, and transcripts as well as ensuring students' graduation eligibility. He ensures that the subordinates maintain the academic policies when advising students on how to meet the graduation requirements and other issues related to indivicual academic records.

Dr. Amable R. Aguiluz, V

Chairman, AMA Education System

Father of IT Education in the Philippines. Visionary, educator, diplomat, entrepreneur.

Dr. Amable C. Aguiluz, IX

Vice Chairman and CEO, AMA Education System

Innovator, educator, entrepreneur