Sales Chnanel Management

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Sales Chnanel Management


Program Description

When you’re developing a distribution plan for your product or service, sales channel management is a critical part of the overall strategy. In this course, sales coach Dean Karrel explains how to effectively manage your sales channels. He discusses the sales channel landscape and the variables that impact success, and shows how to map out a profitable and effective plan. Dan covers everything from surveying the marketplace to handling channel conflict. He also covers weighing costs versus revenue, forecasting sales, and conducting reviews of key accounts and channels. To wrap up, Dean walks through creating a channel marketing structure and uncovering opportunities to expand products or services.

Course Duration

3 Hours and 33 Minutes

Topics Include

1. Surveying the marketplace.
2. Reviewing channels.
3. Managing channels and investments.
4. Developing a go forward plan.
5. Working with other departments and teams.
6. Handling channel conflict.
7. Forecasting sales.
8. Creating a channel marketing structure.

Course Features

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  • Duration 50 hours
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