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AMA OEd invests in the full capability of technology. From enrolment, to study, to graduation, it’s all online. We offer baccalaureate to graduate degree programs fully online. Our rapid growth from two flagship programs, IT and Computer Science, to a roster of courses in just a year, now gives students everywhere more options in pursuing their future career.
In response to RA 10650, the minimum requirement as stated is accreditation by the Philippine Association of Colleges and Universities Commission on Accreditation (PACUCOA) and/or ISO Certification. AMA University is both PACUCOA-accredited and ISO 9001:2008-certified to offer fully online distance education. AMA University is also recognized by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) as a Center of Development for Information Technology.
You will have access to mentors. However, online study is unlike traditional schools in terms of instructor supervision. If you need to consult them, send an email to discussing your specific class-related concerns.
Not all subjects require real-time online classes, but mentors will conduct them whenever the need arises. You will be notified of the schedule of these classes, which you can access through the Virtual Classroom via the BigBlueButton. If by any chance that you(student) cannot attend the online class, you can still access the recorded session uploaded on your Learning Management System. Please check the recorded session on its corresponding "Course" inside the LMS.
We don’t follow the traditional academic calendar. Every trimester has a total of 14 weeks duration or equivalent to 98 days. You can start anytime and finish anytime within the 14 weeks duration per term. If the student was able to finish the term in less than 14 weeks and requirements have already been completed, the student may enroll for the next semester even without completing the 14 weeks duration. However, please take note that AMAOEd has a 50 days residency policy which requires students to complete 50 days since the day the subjects were activated before they can enroll for the next term.
You can access all modules and even take quizzes and exams anytime. We give our students full authority of their time. You can study your lessons at your own pace. But please note that your subjects have a 98 days duration only.
A trimester is equal to 98 days or a 14 week duration.
No worries! Students may request an extension. 15 days costs 750.00 while 30 days costs 1,500.00. These covers not just one but all subjects Students are only allowed to request for an extension twice. For special cases, we do allow more that two, however, this will still be at the discretion of your online mentor.


Our academic offerings consist of degree programs and short courses. Please refer to the link on the "Academic Offerings" category above.
The Academic Offerings tab on the home page has a list of all the programs. Click what interests you to see their description and their respective curriculum.
Syllabus are enclosed within the courses once they are all activated on your LMS. They contain the Course Description, Topic Outline, and necessary information about the courses.


The tuition fee varies per program but we charge our students per subject. Please email or call 863-7030 for more details.
After finalizing your subjects, you can choose among these payment options: 1. Online for students abroad and in the Philippines: Credit card through Paypal, online banking transactions 2. Students in the Philippines: DragonPay, bank deposit **For online banking transactions and through bank deposits, please email for the bank details. **After payment, please send proof of payment or transaction confirmation to
You will get a confirmation email regarding the status of your payment and subject activation.
We will issue an electronic receipt and send it through your registered email.
Yes, but only within 24 hours after the initial payment is made. After 24 hours have passed and the student won’t continue anymore, payment will be considered forfeited.
Once payment is confirmed, the course administrator will activate the subjects you enrolled in within 24 hours. Please make an initial login through to trigger this activation.
AMA OEd only offers discount to students who will be paying in full amount and starting from 6 subjects and higher.
Discounts aren't compulsory. It may or may not be given by any organization. If the student processed the enrollment and wasn't able to deduct the discount from the total payment, the student may just avail the said benefit on the next term.
Students are only entitled to one discount at a time.


Filipinos and foreigners of college-age and beyond can enroll in AMA OEd. The degree programs and short courses meet the educational needs of high school graduates, technical vocation or associate degree graduates, transferees, working professionals, career shifters, overseas Filipino workers, and all other individuals who would like to further their education through a flexible, non-traditional system. Admission of AMA University Online Education (AMAOEd) is open to all qualified applicants. This is determined by the applicants’ readiness, preparedness, and ability to contribute towards enrichment of the academic community and potential to be of service not only to the Filipino but also to the global community.
Please refer the requirements to the "Admission Procedure" link on the navigation bar.
The enrollment process is different per program, please refer to the "Admission Procedure" link on the navigation bar.
If your credentials were not successfully uploaded, send them to Please indicate your full name and the degree you plan to take.
An applicant who fails to submit all required documents (e.g. photocopy of birth certificate, certificate of good moral character etc.) for admission may be admitted with probationary status. The applicant and/or the parent/guardian must submit an “undertaking/promissory note” to submit lacking documents within (2) months from the date of admission. Students who fail to submit within two months will not be given clearance for the term. However, in cases where the lacking documents are especially the admission credentials, i.e. Form 138 (High School Card), F137-A (High School Transcript) or the Transcript of Records for evaluation purposes, the applicant is required to submit “Certificate that his/her Form 137A of Transcript of Records has not been sent to any school” from the school he/she attendedEmail your intention to submit your credentials within 60 days to Please indicate your full name and the degree you plan to take. While waiting for your credentials to be evaluated, you may select subjects to enroll in among those we open.
Yes. Please provide hard copies of all requirements and send them to: AMA University Online Education 59 AMA Bldg. 2 Panay Avenue, Quezon City
The evaluation of credentials and activation of subjects for enrollment usually take 24-48 hours. SAs shall receive an email from AMA OEd’s Course Administrator regarding the result of their evaluation. The evaluation process is manually done to keenly assess the subjects previously taken. Maximum evaluation time may take a week.
SA's shall receive an email from AMA OEd’s Course Administrator regarding the result of their evaluation. The evaluation process is manually done to keenly assess the subjects previously taken. Maximum evaluation time may take a week.
Our course administrator will then load subjects for you to choose and enroll. These will be shown, along with your credited subjects, at
Transfer students may be awarded credit for courses taken from the originating university/college/TVET school for general education courses/common and basic competencies or preparatory courses/core competencies provided the complete description/module of instruction requested for credit have equivalent course description/course outcomes and credit units (lecture/lab) / nominal duration (not lower by 80% of the total required number of hrs. in lec/lab subjects) and mini- mum grade of 3.00. Duplicate courses / modules of instruction taken from different institutions can only be given credit for a single course. Practicum / OJT programs and research courses are not eligible for credit transfer. Crediting of courses is initially done by the Course Administrator. Students may inquire about credit units through
We credit subjects according to their content, specifications, and number of units. If you think your subject credits and credentials should be re-evaluated, please email
You may check the list of these subjects via (updated link).
Yes, you can remove or add subjects you would like to enroll in. Just make sure to finalize them before processing your payment. Admission fee is charged every transaction made most especially when adding subjects.
You must send a formal request to change courses to the course administrator at


For the mean time, as we are updating the system, please do coordinate with should you be needing to update any information on your portal.
You will receive an email regarding the activation of your subjects.
Once payment is processed, your subjects will be activated within 24 to 48 working hours. Please note that Saturdays and Sundays including holidays are not included in the activation period.
In such cases, the student needs to make an initial access to their LMS account through But if such circumstance happens, please do coordinate with or call us through 863-7030.
First, log into Click on a subject on your dashboard and the corresponding learning materials such as video lectures, course modules, and presentations, as well as assessments, will be accessible to you.
Your lessons often include video lectures, some provided by our learning partner To activate them, click on the Enable Video Lectures button to redirect you to Lynda as a new member. After logging in, you may close the window and go back to your lesson.
Just click on the Enable Video Lectures button again. You activation automatically expires after you log-out from the LMS. Make sure you always enable them before starting with your lessons. Should this persist, please create a Ticket via our "Post Student Concern" link in the portal and address the issue to our Technical Support Team.
It’s your access to Cisco courses. Your seat token for Cisco may be claimed through
Physical Education is delivered through video lectures. You fill out a waiver assuring us you can do the exercises. Persons With Disabilities (PWDs) need to sign the waiver, too, and submit a copy of their PWD ID as proof. NSTP, on the other hand, is mostly theoretical.
Take your exams, quizzes, and assessments after you’ve thoroughly understood your lessons from course modules, presentations, and some video lectures.
Yes. And you’re allowed three attempts to pass a quiz and only two for final exams. Please request attempts through "Post a Student Concern" on your LMS and address your request to your Mentors.
Yes. For quizzes, it depends on the subject and the type of quiz. For final exams, the average time limit is two hours.
Quizzes can be taken only once while exams can be taken twice. Request for a retake of the quizzes will be under the perusal of the Mentor Assigned/ Dean, however, quizzes cannot be taken again after the Final Exam has been completed. Should you be needing to take a final removal exam aside from the 2 exam chances, you need to request through "Post a Student Concern" on your LMS and address your request to your Mentors. Please note that the removal exam has a corresponding fee amounting to 1,000.00 per subject. Process payment through AMA OEd accounts and submit proof of payment to
Exams are automatically saved whenever such cases arise. You can go back and continue your exam anytime. Just don't fail them!
Yes, and you may replay what you’ve missed. However, we encourage attending classes in real-time so you can ask questions and the mentor can immediately respond.
At the bottom of the lessons or chapter quizzes are buttons you should click to show you where to submit your assignments.
You can only access your learning materials and assessments for 14 weeks, equivalent to one trimester.
You either have remaining balance or your 14-week duration has already ended.
Yes. Contact for more information.
Report a missing module as soon as possible to so we can immediately fix it.
You may enroll for your next term.
You may either choose to extend your subject for an equivalent fee, depending on the duration of extension, or gain a chance to retake the assessment.


Undergraduate students who initially enrolled less than eight (8) subjects may be allowed to add additional subjects within one week of the initial enrollment however, a separate admission fee shall be charged once fully decided. After which, the student must finish all subjects first and secure a grade slip before he/ she may be allowed to take additional courses.
Dropping of courses will be allowed within the first fifty (50) days of the student’s enrollment in each term. However, your payment for the subjects dropped will be not be refunded and you’ll receive a grade of "D". This grade will reflect on your Transcript.
Contact and request for a withdrawal from the subject you enrolled in.
Please take note that we do not refund the payment of the withdrawn subjects even though they have not yet been accessed beyond 24 hours. Refund Policy only applies within 24 hours since the payment has been transmitted and provided that the subjects have not yet been fully accessed.
Shifting or transferring to another program of AMAU OEd is allowed. All equivalent courses/modules of instruction will be credited towards the new program. To shift to another program, the student must accomplish an application form for this purpose duly approved by the dean. A student who cannot meet the academic requirements of one program may be advised by the dean or program coordinator to shift to another program. If the student cannot meet the academic requirements of a new program, he/she will be subjected to the scholastic delinquency policy. Shifting of programs will only be processed in between enrollments. A student needs to request for his/her grade slip for the current term he/she finished before submitting his/her request to change of program to the dean.
Yes, units taken from AMA OEd will be credited in other academic institutions. However, a student who intends to transfer to other academic institutions must submit a letter to the dean indicating the intention to transfer and reasons for the transfer.Request to transfer credentials shall be filed through records@amauonline. com. AMAU OEd strictly enforces a No Clearance, No Release of Transfer Credential policy. Students are advised to process their student clearance on time avoid unnecessary delays.


All AMAU Online Education students are expected to conduct and present them- selves in a decent manner, abiding by the generally accepted norms of good behavior at all times and observe courtesy and decorum in dealing with fellow students, personnel, faculty members and administrators. AMAU Online Education students shall be responsible for knowing, understanding, and complying with the contents of the memoranda, circulars, announcements, letters, notices, directives and the like affecting them, as may be regularly posted and/or disseminated by the school authorities. Every AMAU Online Education student shall observe the laws of the Republic of the Philippines, the rules and regulations of the school as provided herein and as may necessarily be promulgated from time to time, and the standards of good society.
Posting, distributing or disseminating notices, posters, leaflets, broadsheets, opinionnaires, questionnaires, streamers, pop sheets, surveys or similar materials without the approval of any AMAOEd Coordinator may lead to suspension or worse, expulsion.
Defaming any student, teacher, personnel, or university authority or his agents; giving oral, or sending, disseminating or posting any written or electronically transmitted message or graphics, or demonstrating offensive gesture, which causes a person or his reputation or good name to be threatened, harassed, maligned, besmirched, disgraced, degraded, insulted, ridiculed or defamed may lead to suspension or worse, expulsion. Same case if the Student portrays an Abusive behaviors or discourtesy towards school officials, mentors, admission associates, student support representative, technical support representatives and other school officers.
All content of AMA University Online Education is registered under the Copyright Law. Printing, Copying, and Distributing the content illegally is punishable by Law.


Yes, we shall be providing you exactly the same diploma that we grant to students who graduate from the traditional AMA School.
We’re still a part of AMA University,so we’ll give you the same diploma as the degree holders from the university.
You may choose to graduate with the rest of the students from the University and branches. AMA OEd will be forwarding you details once you qualify for graduation.
You may coordinate with the AMA OEd team. We do have our in-house Registrar which separately processes documents from the rest of AMA schools.