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AMA University Online provides a wide range of academic programs and short courses to learners across the globe through a single online portal. It is a first in the country and internationally recognized.

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TESOL Professional Certification The 120- Hour TESOL Professional Certification is an interactive self-paced 14-week online course that provides core knowledge in teaching English as a second and a foreign language with focus on methods and approaches to TESOL which can be applied in a variety of teaching environments. Participants study the theories in Second Language Acquisition to learn to create lesson plans for effective teaching presentation in the classroom.




Certificate in Professional Teaching Program The Certificate in Professional Teaching program (CPT) is a non-degree program that provides knowledge in basic professional education courses. The program includes topics in the principles of the teaching profession, educational technologies, techniques of teaching as well as the measurement, evaluation and practicum in managing and monitoring student learning. Read More

Rappler Social Media Communication and Basic Digital Video News Production

Social Media Communication This course discusses the Social Media landscape and covers skills and tools required for effective Social Media communication.

Basic Digital Video News Production This course introduces the student to the basics of digital news video production - what it is, how it integrates into other disciplines like online multimedia news reporting and online news documentaries. It covers the tools and elements for multimedia reporting including shooting, writing, and editing for news video.




Cassandra Vergara Antido

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Jay Escalona Enaldo

Saudi Arabia
"I am proud that I am a student of AMA University. Entrepreneurship and business research had seized my interest during my childhood, but I did not pursue my study on college for some reasons. I am very thankful that AMA University Online Education gave me the opportunity to pursue my dreams through a program that is flexible and suitable for my busy schedule."

Ryl Fontanos

United Arab Emirates
"Working away from the family in an unfamiliar territory is a difficult thing to do. As an OFW, my main goal is to improve our life's situation, that's why I need empowerment, and I can get that through education. I am one of the OFWs who never had a college degree, but I am determined to get one. An Online Education that will mold my abilities, nurture my dreams, sharpen my mind all served well by AMA UNIVERSITY ONLINE EDUCATION. To AMAOED headed by Dr. Amable R.Aguiluz V and to the late father Mr. Amable M.Aguiluz Sr. Thank you for giving us arms to battle with our lives and conquest our dreams. To AMAOED Faculty and Staff, I will always thankful you for hard work and efforts you have put in, for educating us! For AMA UNIVERSITY ONLINE EDUCATION, The TOAST is all for you!"

Joebert Castillo

United Arab Emirates
"Its been 7 years of being out of school and it seems like no more chance to finish my studies and get a degree. Thanks to AMA University for offering a full online education. I have now a chance to finish my degree while working."

Adam Mamaton

Saudi Arabia
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Erlene Quisel

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Jaypee PeriƱa

"I've prioritized my career in the past and though I was a college scholar back then, I still wasn't able to finish my course due to time restrictions. Good thing though, I can study and work now at the same time. I'm back on track and pursuing Accountancy. More power, AMAUOED!"